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Winning the Writer’s Digest Writing Competition

When my phone registers an unknown number, I never answer. But when the same number rang twice without leaving a message recently, I became intrigued. I Googled the area code: Cincinnati. I don’t know anyone in Cincinnati. Ignore. Ten minutes later, another call. This time I answered, revved up to tell the caller–whom I assumed to be a telemarketer–to stop pestering me and to take my number off their call list!

The woman on the other end informed me she was calling from Writer’s Digest magazine…


“Seriously Amazing!”

That’s the title of one of the books in the Smithsonian Institutions forthcoming series for young readers that I was privileged to contribute to. My mini-books about sharks, nocturnal animals, reptiles, and predators will appear in four separate volumes, all due out in October. They were a blast to research, and I got to write about the wobbegong, an oddball shark I fell in love with a few years ago at a visit to the Georgia Aquarium!

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Got a Kindle? Get Monkey Love!

As a recent Kindle convert, I am excited to announce that Monkey Love and the sequel, Monkey Star, are now available for Kindle (for just $4.99 each–more than 50% off the paperback price!). Same books, new format, and fabulous new covers designed by my friends at StoryWonk. If you’ve already read both books, consider adding them to your digital library as well — or better yet, spread the monkey love and recommend them to your e-reading friends.

Will Holly Heckerling and her two- and four-legged friends find a new leash on life in Kindle-land? If there’s enough demand, perhaps the third book in the series will finally become a reality.