Monkey Star

(NAL, August 2007)

This sequel to Monkey Love finds Holly Heckerling in Hollywood, working as an animal trainer on a big budget film and fending off the advances of a devilishly flirtatious movie star. Her show biz adventures cause her to consider a permanent move, but can she really say good-bye to Tom, Tallulah, and her family? Soon she realizes that her real decision isn’t where to live, but to whom she should give her heart.


Brenda Scott Royce, author of Monkey Star and Monkey Love
"Holly of MONKEY LOVE fame goes west to cause havoc in Hollywood as she did in Manhattan... Fans will enjoy this wild crazy contemporary as the laughs keep coming in this jocular frolic."

Random Praise

Lories-2nd-MainstreamMonkey Star placed second in the contemporary category of “The Lories,” a contest sponsored by the “From the Heart” chapter of the Romance Writers of America.

It won first place in the single title category of the Book Buyers Best contest, awarded by the Orange County chapter of RWA.

Keris Stainton of Trashionista listed Monkey Star as one of her Top 10 Favorite Books of 2007, and Sandie Vega of MyShelf listed Monkey Star as one of her Top Ten Reads of 2007.

Over at Bookfoolery and Babble’s 2007 Reading Year in Review, Monkey Love landed in the wonderful category of “Biggest Smile-Inducers.”

Monkey Love

(NAL, February 2006)

Monkey Love chronicles the misadventures of Holly Heckerling, a single New Yorker whose already hectic life is complicated by the arrival of a mischievous monkey. The pint-sized primate makes a giant mess of things for Holly, who quickly learns that when it comes to dating, it’s a jungle out there!


Brenda Scott Royce, author of Monkey Star and Monkey Love
"Amongst all the chaos is an original, charming story that is both excellently written and well-told ... We are glad to announce- it IS a jungle out there!"

Random Praise

“This is the perfect book to read on an airplane, especially if you want to be one of those annoying passengers who snort and laugh out loud every few minutes, waking up the poor guy next to you (usually me) who just wants to go to sleep until we land.”
—Dan O’Shannon, writer/executive producer, Frasier

“Brenda Scott Royce has one of the funniest, freshest voices around. Monkey Love is charming in both its oddity and originality, with characters that jump off the page and wind their way into your heart. Royce’s writing is read-out-loud-to-your-friends hilarious. I’m a fan!”
—Lani Diane Rich, author of Maybe Baby and Time Off for Good Behavior

“Delicious as a jelly doughnut! Juggling life, love, and loony relatives, Holly Heckerling is a lot like Stephanie Plum—only nobody’s shooting at her. Holly’s hilarious hijinks had me howling out loud.”
—Janet Evanovich

“A hilarious romp of a novel. If you’ve ever felt like a monkey in the middle, you’ll love this book.”
—Sarah Mlynowski, bestselling author of Milkrun and Monkey Business

“Fast and funny, this romp of a book introduces you to a writer whose fresh, quirky voice will be around for a long, long time.”
—Bonnie Hearn Hill, author of Killer Body and If It Bleeds

“A delightfully funny read that also raises serious issues about the relationship between humans and animals. Highly recommended ”
—Douglas Preston, author of Jennie and Tyrannosaur Canyon

Perfectly Plum: Unauthorized Essays on the Life, Loves, and Other Disasters of Stephanie Plum, Trenton Bounty Hunter

Edited by Leah Wilson
(BenBella Books, June 2007)

Speculating about the cultural metaphors in Janet Evanovich’s wildly popular mystery series, this anthology takes a look at lingerie-buyer-turned-bounty-hunter Stephanie Plum and catalogs her bad luck with cars, her good luck with men, her unorthodox approach to weapon storage, and the rich tapestry of her milieu: Trenton, New Jersey, also known as The Burg. My essay, “Gun in the Cookie Jar: A Nonviolent Approach to Fugitive Apprehension” is a tongue-in-cheek look at Steph’s unorthodox bounty hunting techniques. Other contributors include J.A. Konrath, Bev Katz Rosenbaum, Keris Stainton, Shannon Swendson, Candace Havens, and Karen Kendall.


Have I Got a Guy for You: What Really Happens When Mom Fixes You Up

Edited by Alix Strauss
(Adams Media, March 2008)

Picture this: Mom swears she’s found “the one” for you, her baby girl, and you end up on the date from hell. If you’ve been there, done that, you’ll appreciate the dating catch-22 that is Have I Got a Guy for You. In this take-no-prisoners collection of hilarious, wince-inducing true stories, you’ll meet two dozen victims of Mom’s well-meaning meddling and hear the unvarnished details of what they suffered through. My essay, “Letters to Gelman,” chronicles my mother’s ongoing correspondence with Michael Gelman, producer of LIVE with Regis & Kathie Lee, hoping to persuade him to marry me–and her shock and dismay when he didn’t take the bait.


Regis-KellyRegis Reads My Story!

Regis Philbin read several excerpts from my story in this hilarious segment of Regis and Kelly. Watch Regis and Kelly tease Gelman about his dating days and the persistent attempts of “Phyllis from Florida” (aka my mom).

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