• Champion's New Shoes

ASPCA Pet Rescue Club

My official bio describes me as “a lifelong lover of beasts and books” and says that whenever possible my work combines the two. My newest project is a perfect example! Champion’s New Shoes is the sixth title in a series of chapter books for ages 7 and up. The ASPCA Pet Rescue Club series follows a group of fourth graders–Janey, Zach, Lolli, and Adam — who make it their mission to help their town’s animals in need. In Champion’s New Shoes, the kids help a disabled yellow Labrador (inspired by a real-life dog from Brooklyn) get prosthetic limbs and learn to walk…


New books!

I love getting books in the mail, and even better when they’re books that I worked on — like these advance copies of the new Smithsonian Institution young readers series that showed up recently. I wrote one chapter or mini-book in each of these gorgeous, hardcover volumes (my topics: reptiles, nocturnal animals, predators, and sharks). While I’ve been writing about animals for years as editor of Zoo View, the magazine is geared toward adult readers. I had a blast tackling some of the same topics but for a younger audience.

What a privilege to have been asked to contribute to these books! Not only do they bear the impressive “Smithsonian” stamp of approval, each is beautifully designed, and packed full of information and fun facts. (Kudos to the other writers and the graphic designers who worked on these books.) Look for them in stores next month.

“Seriously Amazing!”

That’s the title of one of the books in the Smithsonian Institutions forthcoming series for young readers that I was privileged to contribute to. My mini-books about sharks, nocturnal animals, reptiles, and predators will appear in four separate volumes, all due out in October. They were a blast to research, and I got to write about the wobbegong, an oddball shark I fell in love with a few years ago at a visit to the Georgia Aquarium!

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